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Spirit Quest- The Music Of Donna M. Dillhunt - 2011

By Donna M. Dillhunt


Two CD Set

Book Collection of Songs in PDF and Instrumental CD in MP-3



Spirit Quest copyright 2011 Donna M. Dillhunt 

Publisher: My Sister Publishing Company

Twenty songs, spiral bound paperback edition: ISBN 978-0-9834737-0-1

CD/PDF edition: ISBN 978-0-9834737-3-2

Cover art: Anthony J. Gazza

Veteran-owned business

Books and Music

This work has 20 of Dillhunt's favorite songs - starting with Little Woman (1973) and finishing with Progress (2011). Music is how Donna expresses her spirituality, thus, Spirit Quest.

The songs in Spirit Quest include: Little Woman; Take It Slowly; !X%! It Anyway; Look Into My eyes; I forgot; What Can I Say; Coming Out; A Woman's Heart; Memories Are Free; I Could Be Singing A Song; Generations; You Noticed; "In Love"; I Am (With You Always); Melt Down; Signs; No Sad Songs; Not So Easy; Progress. 

Also included - Chords and Picking Styles for the music.

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