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Musical Transitions For Children - 2012 

By Donna M. Dillhunt

Musical Transitions For Children is a teacher's aid.

Musical Transitions compliments the Conscious Discipline program created by Becky Bailey (

Musical Transitions includes 16 songs and an instrumental CD electronically recorded in MP-3 format.

The songs included: Circle Lines; Be A Little Mouse; Penguin or Duck; Feet Stomp; Neigh - Yeah; A...A,B,C; Paws; Listening; Yes I Am; Yes Is Fun; Raise Your Hand; Cleaner Up; 1,2,3,4...; Here or There; Ants on the T.V. Blues; Big Black Hairy Spider.

The purpose of these songs is to create a safe environment within the classroom by employing clear statements of intent for the children and for the teachers making use of Conscious Discipline techniques.

This book is dedicated to the children of Step Ahead, a 4-year-old kindergarten class of 2012, Howard, Wisconsin.

Musical Transitions For Children copyright 2012 Donna M. Dillhunt 

Publisher: My Sister Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-0-9834737-4-9

Cover art: Donna M. Dillhunt

Cover picture: Triston L. Dillhunt Kelsey

Sixteen Songs in print, spiral binding

Instrumental CD in MP-3 format