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Living Changes - The Music Of Donna M. Dillhunt - Performance Audio CD - 2015

By Donna M. Dillhunt

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Audio CD


Performance Audio CD

Music style: folk, rhythmn and blues

20 songs

Copyright 2015, Donna M. Dillhunt 

Publisher: My Sister Publishing Company

Words and music written, arranged, and performed by Donna M. Dillhunt

Lately Lady written by David J. Dillhunt

Cover art: Anthony J. Gazza and Trevor L. Freiss

Veteran-owned business

Words and music written and performed by Donna M. Dillhunt.

Music style - Folk, Rhythm and Blues

Songs on this CD include: Living Through Changes; Oh, Woman; Be With Me; Coloring Movements; Gentle Woman; A Way To Sustain; Round And Round; To Know You; Lady Fever; Sunshine Ivy; A Fantasy; Melodies; Hold On; Destruction Of Me; Hush A Bye; Who Does; The Stone; When Fantasy Real; No Wonder...Please. 

Also, Lately Lady by David J. Dillhunt, arranged and performed by Donna.