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     Copyright 2007 Jan Jansen

     Publisher: My Sister Publishing Company

     Language: English


     Cover design: Jan Jansen

     Cover picture: Margaret Evelyn Doyle Jansen (1939)

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Cistern Secrets -  Fiction, Kindle Edition - April 2013

By Jan Jansen

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...Dora never, ever, entered the bunkhouse...this Sunday was different.  She swung the door open and walked inside.  Dora walked directly over to Nelson, took his coffee cup and tossed it across the room..."Nelson you have ten minutes to...get your sorry ass off my farm..."


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In the rural Upper Peninsula of Michigan the skeletal remains of two humans is discovered in a construction site on the property of retired criminal forensic pathologist, Sara Miller.  An investigation into the identity of the remains leads to an eclectic mix of characters spawning three generations.  Miller meets the mysterious and sanguine, octogenarian, Dora Langer Davis who has had her pulse on the ins and outs of the UP community and knows more than she tells.  Davis takes Miller on a decades-long odyssey culminating in a surprise Miller never saw coming.

Find out what happens later - Read the sequel, Flight To Charlotte.